Sex Education and Your Kids

As crazy as it sounds there are groups that are promoting obscenity and pornography as a part of teaching your kids sex education. You think this is about biology? It is more about promoting ideologies.

Hear more from your state school board representative and groups trying to defend your kids.

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The following is information on an upcoming forum.

  Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Ohio’s Public Schools
Join State Board of Education Member Sarah Fowler for an Informational Meeting on Comprehensive Sexual Education in Ohio’s Classrooms.

Thursday, March 28, 2019 – 6pm doors open, program 6:30-8:30pm
Austinburg Townhall, 2794 OH-307, Austinburg, OH  44010

Topics Include:
  1. The 15 Harmful Elements of Comprehensive Sexual Education
    Evidences of obscenity in Ohio’s classrooms

  2. Are your children being exposed to more than “the birds and the bees” in elementary school?

  3. Psychological and Social Impacts of Comprehensive Sexual Education
    How can parents, teachers, and local school boards ensure protection for their students?

Program presented by: Ohio Values Voters & Protect Ohio Children
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This morning my news feed was full of heartbreaking stories about sex trafficking.  Did you know the average age for a young girl to become a trafficking victim is 13?  

Children are being inoculated to ignore the warning signs of dangerous relationships and activities through Comprehensive Sexual Education.

Parents, please mark your calendars for this important informational meeting that will help you protect your kids!

Please contact Sarah ( with any questions.