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The Geauga County Tea Party is dedicated to defending the constitution, the rights of Geauga County citizens, and promoting honest, ethical, and honorable politics.
    • Promotes individual liberty, limited government, and fiscal responsibility.
    • Defends the self-evident truth that our Creator, not government, endows each of us with inalienable rights.
    • Upholds the Bill of Rights and the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Ohio.

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Geauga County Tea Party Meeting

Jim MacNeal, Dr. Stoldt, Sam Horowitz, The Climate Change Farce

Tuesday March 7, 6:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. 

Metzenbaum Chesterland Ohio 


Jim making a presentation to the state house on e-check issues. Jim has specialized in gases for the entirety of his nearly 50 year career. Jim has 15 patents in gases and related apparatus and has lectured internationally on gases and technology.  Jim’s knowledge is truly amazing.   Come with questions, bring friends, and learn how to debate with Climate Changers….


Dr. Stephen Stoldt, Ph.D. Organic Chemistry.

Holder of 18 Patents and an investigative Chemist who solved a water pollution problem when he lived in New Jersey, that resulted in Dr. Stoldt providing testimony on water quality before the US Congress. He worked may years at Lubrizol in Lake County, before retiring.

Sam Horowitz, International Climate Investigator.

Sam has worked extensively with the late Dr. Jay Lehr and the Heartland Institute to produce graphics which explain, in simple terms, complex climate data. Sam’s “10,000 dots” graphic has been seen globally with universal positive receptions. Sam has a working relationship with Lord Monckton, former Chief Science Advisor for UK Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher.

Jim MacNeal, Chemist specializing in gases and environmental analysis.

 Jim has nearly 50 years of gases-specific  experience and holds 15 patents. Jim has authored numerous papers and has lectured internationally on gases, HAZARDOUS Materials Emergency Response, and related equipment and technology. One of Jim’s inventions is the only gas calibration apparatus permitted on the International Space Station, where it has been in service for several years. Jim owns and operates Pangaea Gases, LLC, specializing  in environmental and safety instrument calibration. Jim is also Vice President of the Geauga County Tea Party.

Do you think there is nothing you can do?  Think again.  Jim talks about how you can get involved to make a difference.


NOACA Board Meeting 


Join us on March 10th at 9:00 at the NOACA headquarters in downtown Cleveland.   

Put this date in your schedule and help us to tell the NOACA board we want nothing to do with their Climate Change Action Plan.  Let us know if you are planning on attending.  We are looking at booking a bus.   It worked out great the last time.  Email: admin@geaugacountyteaparty.com with your interest. 






Tom Hach

Free OH Now Networking



Jim MacNeal, Dr. Stoldt, Horowitz

Climate Change, CO2 is not the climate culprit



Jonathan Broadbent

Defending our Children



Dr. Myron Shibley

Marxism Part 2



Patty Gascoyne

Human Trafficking Update



Jon Morrow

Electric Grid and Molten Salt Reactors



Other Topics Of Interest

Minuteman Call to action
The Senate has passed this ridiculous law that will attack Christians and all traditional thinking American.  Now this vote is in the House.  Please call Dave Joyce and your Ohio congressman and tell them to vote not to this marriage destroying law.  Pray like you have never prayed before.   Families are at stake.   Our culture is at stake.  This is a Marxist brick in the wall of destroying traditional families. 


NOACA Update

Last month Skip Claypool made a motion to the Geauga County Planning Commission to send a letter asking for the County Commissioners to leave the NOACA Community Economic Development organization.  The planning commission unanimously vote yes.  The following are some of the reasons. 

  • NOACA is primarily a transportation planning organization with some experience in air quality and water quality planning.  Its charter was narrowly tailored, but we believe it is overreaching its charter.   Further, Geauga County has an Economic Development department. 
  • It appears that the NOACA CED organization is controlled by Cleveland and Cuyahoga County by virtue of the number of seats held on the board and planning influence is Urban focused.  
  • We believe that NOACA CED board does NOT understand rural communities’ values, but focuses on Cleveland/Cuyahoga centric priorities and solutions. 
  • The cultures of Geauga County and Cuyahoga County are different, and our goals and objectives are very different.
  • The key economic drivers and underlining principles are very different for Geauga County and NOACA/CED.
  • The effort to push urban based approaches or principles throughout the region is contra to Geauga County General Plan (2020). 
  • The NOACA/CED guiding principles are counter to the best interest of Geauga County. 
  • Many of the organizations serving as resources for the strategies developed have questionable records of success and do not align with Geauga County objectives.
  • The data and metrics in the strategy document are suspect at best (e.g.; the use of eNEO2050 data).

Please support this effort by calling the county commissioners and asking them to support this effort.  NOACA is poised to do great harm to our county if allowed to continue.

Interestingly a long time NOACA employee who left their employment a few years ago, made an appeal to the commissioners to help his family business.  NOACA and South Russell is abusing their power and damaging his family business.   This x-NOACA employee is a Geauga Citizen and is quite vocal in his objections to NOACA.

Additionally, NOACA is now promoting a Gobal Climate Change plan for all of NE Ohio that will NOT impact the fake climate change challenges.  Push back and contact your elected officials to say NO to these useless and costly programs. 

Important Video That Summarizes Election Fraud 

Video from US Representative Elect Madison Cawthorn

Here are the time stamps for specific evidence by state:
PA Evidence: 1:30
AZ Evidence: 1:47
GA Evidence: 1:57
MI Evidence: 2:09
MN Evidence: 2:38
NV Evidence: 3:02
WI Evidence: 3:17
GA Evidence 3:46

Help Fight NOACA Spending our Money on Electric Charging Stations

The Green New Deal is on it’s way to Northeast Ohio!
NOACA – Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency won’t give Geauga County money for roads, even though projects have been submitted, but they will use $3 million of road funds to install electric charging stations across our region, that won’t be used.
They have identified 100 potential publicly owned locations for these chargers. The locations include: town halls, police and fire stations, rec centers, park & ride centers, jails, libraries, universities, airport lots, Metro Health Hospital parking, NASA parking, Westside Market parking, and more. A final decision on sites will be determined by Jan 30th.
The potential locations in Geauga County are:
* Auburn Township Town Hall
* Bainbridge Township Town Hall
* Chester Township Town Hall
* Geauga County Courthouse
* Geauga County Employment Lot
* Chardon Library
* Middlefield Village
If you are a concerned citizen there are three steps that you can take:
* Reach out to our Geauga County Commissioners, Ralph Spidalieri and Timothy Lennon and demand that they not support this waste. You can reach them at 440-279-1660 or commissioners@geaugabocc.org.
* Contact your Auburn, Bainbridge, Chesterland, or Middlefield Trustee and let them know that you want your tax dollars spent on roads, not charging stations.
* Email skip@geaugacountyteaparty.com and ask how you can get involved in fighting these charging stations so that NOACA does not get a foothold in Geauga County.


TeenVogue Content is NOT for Teens, Anymore!

Hard politics and sex education in teenVOGUE?

You might be surprised to see the type of content that teenVOGUE has run in their magazine since it shifted a few years ago from print to online distribution. It certainly is not appropriate for teens!


A quick review of their Wikipedia entry shows that the publication’s online political content is extremely radical and their sexual content promotes promiscuity and alternate lifestyles.

teenVOGUE is owned by Conde’ Nast. Email them at communications@condenast.com and let them know that as a Patriot you won’t stand for the indoctrination of our young people!

Please share this post widely, especially with parents of teen girls!

TREASURY:  Yellen Would Endorse More Debt

The (published) U.S. deficit is $27.5 trillion, yet Joe Biden has bold plans for NEW entitlement programs. How would he pay for them?
Through the double whammy.
First, Biden would increase our taxes over the next ten years by $3.5 to $4.0 trillion. Second, he has chosen a “dove” that believes in increasing the money supply to drive economic growth in his nominee for Secretary of the
Treasury: Janet Yellen.
“We the People” need to hold our officials at all levels of the U.S. Government accountable to run balanced budgets and stop their out of control taxing and spending!

AGRICULTURE:  Vilsack Favors GMO’s

With his nomination of Tom Vilsack to return to the role of Secretary of Agriculture, Biden has managed to anger anti-monopolists, animal rights advocates, family farm advocates, AND civil rights activists.
Vilsack is currently a Dairy Lobbyist, earning an annual salary just shy of $1 million. Prior to that, he served as Sec. of Agriculture for both of Obama’s presidential terms. Since Vilsack has already held the position for eight years, it is clear how he would lead the $146 billion agency.
Vilsack’s nickname is “Mr. Monsanto”, which was given to him because of his cozy relationship with that company. As Sec. of Agriculture, Vilsack expedited the approval process for GMO’s and crafted an industry–friendly GMO labeling bill to replace a stricter standard. He also advocated for the sale of “pink slime”, which is processed beef from the trimmings of butchered carcusses, to consumers and school districts.
If this election is stolen from President Trump, “We the People” must speak out against Vilsack being confirmed to maintain the quality of our food and to maintain Geauga County’s family farms.

HUD:  Ms. Fudge Bad for Rural Areas

Unfortunately, Ohioans already know the “Progressive” thinking that our Congressional Representative, Marcia Fudge would bring with her, if confirmed to the position of Sec. of Housing and Urban Development.
Representative Fudge has been nominated by Joe Biden,in part because she shares his vision for universal Section 8 vouchers. The way that Section 8 vouchers work is that qualifying low income residents can get vouchers, funded by the Federal Government (your tax dollars) to apply toward housing. The resident pays 30% of their income toward housing and the voucher covers the difference, up to the fair market value of rent.
Currently, the Section 8 program is capped at a budget level that covers about 5 million vouchers. A lottery determines which residents receive them. Biden wants to fully fund vouchers for ALL residents who qualify and apply. This could mean 17 million vouchers!
The only way to accommodate this level of demand is to force expansion of high density housing into rural areas and suburbs across the U.S. Marcia Fudge has talked about making all communities diverse with homes for low income minorities. The Progressive’s plan to do this is to override local zoning. In Ohio, NOACA is the vehicle that will serve this purpose.
If the Presidential election is stolen and Biden takes office, “We the People” must reach out to our Senators and demand that they not confirm Fudge.

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A Word About the Virus

Yes there is a Covid virus.  And yes the flu exists, there is heart disease,  there is are drug overdoses, on and on and on.  Do we stop living because of all of disease.  No! We use care and caution and we “get-er done.”   This is the American way.  Is it really as bad as our media and some political goofballs think?  No just check the statistics.  And if our media were honest they would talk about the decline in cases and deaths.  
Come enjoy our meeting and use care.  Bring a mask and hand sanitizer. 

Please do not attend if you are sick or have been around someone who is sick.  As your Mom probably taught you, coughs and sneezes spread diseases!  That is still good advice.  

Pay attention to the advice from the experts on staying healthy.  Don’t over react but wash and/or sanitize your hands frequently.