Welcome to the Geauga County Tea Party!
The Geauga County Tea Party is dedicated to defending the constitution, the rights of Geauga County citizens, and promoting honest, ethical, and honorable politics.
The Geauga County Tea Party


  • Promotes individual liberty, limited government, and fiscal responsibility;
  • Defends the self-evident truth that our Creator, not government, endows each of us with inalienable rights;
  • Upholds the Bill of Rights and the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Ohio.

If you support these goals, Join Us!   Attend a GCTP meeting and discover more.

The election is fast approaching.  Please reach out to your neighbors and friends to ensure they are going to vote. 

October Meeting

Wednesday October 21st at the Geauga Parks West Woods at 9465 Kinsman Rd. ( OH 87) in Russell Twp Steve Krause former OH House Rep speaking on the critical need to re-elect President Trump

A Word About the Virus
Yes there is a Covid virus.  And yes the flu exists, there is heart disease,  there is are drug overdoses, on and on and on.  Do we stop living because of all of disease.  No! We use care and caution and we “get-er done.”   This is the American way.  Is it really as bad as our media and some political goofballs think?  No just check the statistics.  And if our media were honest they would talk about the decline in cases and deaths.  
Come enjoy our meeting and use care.  Bring a mask and hand sanitizer. 


Please pay attention to the advice from the experts on staying healthily.  Don’t over react but wash your hands avoid folks who are openly sick.  Use common sense.