UN Climate Circus

The UN Climate Circus

A firsthand account of the insane clown show that is the United Nations Climate Conference.
Alex Newman

SHARM EL SHEIKH, EGYPT — The ridiculous circus music was stuck in my head almost from the moment I landed in Egypt, and it only got louder as the absurdity of it all reached unfathomable heights. You know the tune. If you had been there, you would understand why I couldn’t get that outrageous melody off my mind. Everything was beyond ridiculous — it was surreal, starting from the moment I ran into the first COP27 officials who greeted the TNA team as we got off the plane.

The chaos began right away. After waiting for almost an hour for my bag at the Cairo airport, an Egyptian who spoke almost no English informed me that it had been left in Paris. “Can you forward it to Sharm El Sheikh for me?” I asked. “No,” sighed the uninterested attendant. “Why not?” I demanded. “The government said so. You can change your flight to Sharm El Sheikh and get it tomorrow night.” Cue “Under the Big Top.”

This set the tone for the rest of the trip — nothing worked, nobody was willing to do the job they were paid to do, and the scam artistry was unlike anything I’ve seen in any of the more than 75 countries I’ve been to. We were on endless loop for everything. And everybody wanted and expected a tip for doing nothing.

Getting to the UN conference in Sharm El Sheikh, a Red Sea resort town, did not help matters much, even though the whole city is walled off to create a sort of tourist utopia where only certain Egyptians with government permits are allowed to enter. In fact, we had great difficulty just trying to park, with each official sending us in a different direction until we finally gave up and took a taxi.

Once inside, the apocalyptic and apoplectic hysteria were worse than anything I’ve ever experienced in well over a decade of attending these bizarre UN summits. In a period of just a few years, the official line went from “climate change,” to “climate crisis,” to “climate emergency,” to the latest buzz term: “climate hell.” UN Secretary-General António Guterres, Joe Biden, and countless other world leaders lectured humanity about the “climate hell” that awaits.

“COP27 took place not far from Mount Sinai, a site that is central to many faiths and to the story of Moses, or Musa,” claimed Guterres, an actual socialist who has dedicated his life to stealing and redistributing other people’s money. “Climate chaos is a crisis of biblical proportions. The signs are everywhere. Instead of a burning bush, we face a burning planet.”

“Unlike the stories from the Sinai Peninsula, we cannot wait for a miracle from a mountaintop,” Guterres continued, as if he were some sort of prophet delivering a message from the secular climate gods. “It will take each and every one of us fighting in the trenches each and every day. Together, let’s not relent in the fight for climate justice and climate ambition.”

Religion was a huge theme of the summit. I was able to score a nearly 40-minute exclusive interview with the ringleaders of the new “Ten Commandments” movement, who told me they were working on the “Third Covenant” so humanity could build “Heaven on Earth.” Yes, really — see “The UN’s New World Religion.”

A Day in the Cheerleaders’ Section

Walking into the media area of the conference on our first day, I started looking for documents and papers to add to my folder — exhibits of the madness. The first one I found was headlined “Why Gender is Key to the Green Transition.” The document, apparently created by some African leaders funded by feminist Scandinavian governments, never did explain how gender and climate are related, except to claim that more female voices and leaders were needed. It was not immediately clear if the author of the flyer had a biology degree. Evidently the writer had not received the memo explaining that the male-female “binary” was the product of racist Western imperialistic patriarchal oppression.

In any case, the gender idiocy made it into the final agreement, as governments promised to “ensure gender-responsive implementation,” whatever that means. The UN agreement also called on governments to “provide support to developing countries for undertaking gender-related action and implementing the gender action plan.”

The next paper I picked up was a press release by Climate Action Against Disinformation, which describes itself as “a global coalition of over 50 leading climate and anti-disinformation organisations demanding robust, coordinated and proactive strategies to deal with the scale of the threat of climate misinformation and disinformation.” Why this particular program was needed now that the UN has already announced its partnership with Google to promote UN propaganda and suppress dissent by rigging its search results was not explained, either.

After picking up the papers for my file, we saw a group of UN and Big Government cheerleaders — they prefer to be called “journalists” — congregating around a grumpy, disheveled man who was huffing and puffing about something. As we approached, we found out it was David Waskow, director of World Resource Institute’s International Climate Initiative. When we asked him some questions about “loss and damage” and how much money Western taxpayers should pay, he got even grumpier.

“Loss and damage is not about compensation or reparations,” he fumed. “It’s about addressing climate impacts in vulnerable countries that are the result of greenhouse gas emissions that can’t be adapted to.” Waskow never did give me a number. But before I could point that out, a cheerleader employed by the BBC looked at me and said, “this is all non-attributable.”

Even after all these years of watching the pathetic journalists conspiring with the activists and governments, I was still flabbergasted. “Are you with the press or are you with him?” I asked the BBC propagandist. He responded, “I’m just trying to help.” He quickly turned to another cheerleader and whispered in her ear, “Who are these guys?” Once they realized we were not on their “team,” but had real questions, we walked away to avoid trouble.

This was not unusual. In fact, at previous UN summits, I’ve sat amazed many times as hundreds or even thousands of journalists applauded, cheered, and even gave standing ovations to government officials — sometimes representing ruthless regimes — who came out with announcements of progress on saving the world from “climate change.”

“Nongovernmental” Organizations

It’s a neat trick they play. Governments take money from taxpayers and give the money to nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and propaganda media organs, such as the BBC in the U.K. or NPR in America, that exist to indoctrinate the public. Then the tax-funded NGOs demand whatever the politicians and their masters want — redistribute middle-class wealth, shut down energy production, regulate every aspect of life, and so on — but in extremist terms that sound outlandish. Then, the media report on the demands as if the “people of the world” are demanding something. Finally, politicians say, “well, if civil society is demanding those things, I guess we have no choice but to obey and do what they are asking, but we’ll be more reasonable and compromise.”

Everybody knows their role in this tax-funded charade, too. Like trained seals, legions of NGO activists roam the premises screeching that the politicians who fund them are not doing enough to “save the world,” making the politicians seem slightly less insane by comparison. The activists also spout the same drivel to cheerleading journalists from around the world, who then polish and dutifully regurgitate without question the seals’ unhinged barking about “more needs to be done but it is good that progress is being made.”

Sometimes, climate activists in various niches begin eating their own. One morning, we arrived at the front entrance of the summit to find a girl in a veggie costume posing for photos as a PETA activist handed out flyers explaining how horrible meat was for, well, everything. Suddenly a self-proclaimed “indigenous activist” popped up and started hollering. “Shaming people like me for eating meat is a continuation of colonization!” screamed the Canadian woman at the PETA operative.

Climate activists also were upset that the UN hired a PR firm for COP27 with a long history of shilling for Big Oil interests including Saudi Aramco, ExxonMobil, and the “Oil and Gas Climate Initiative” representing the world’s largest oil and gas firms.

Ending fossil fuels was one of the major rallying cries. Despite admitting that she flew in, Tzeporah Berman with the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative insisted that the world needs to stop all hydrocarbon energy use. Like virtually everyone else at the summit, though, when asked about Communist China’s enormous CO2 output and rapid coal-fired power-plant building binge, she clearly got nervous. “They’re building more solar panels than any other country,” she said sheepishly — without noting that most of those were being sold to dumb Westerners subsidized by their own tax money — before promptly getting back on script.

Asad Rehman, a Pakistani living in the United Kingdom who told me he was organizing the “climate justice” protests, also demanded the theft of wealthy people’s money and an end to hydrocarbon energy. A lawyer from Bangladesh, meanwhile, demanded that the West “acknowledge responsibility” for causing the “climate crisis” and pay up.

Hearing a lot of shouting, we headed for the noise and met a lady in a wheelchair leading a “system change, not climate change” protest. She made clear that the only way to save Mother Earth is to smash capitalism and the profit motive. But like so many others, she would not say what we should replace it with or what nations she believed should be regarded as a model. Communist China, perhaps? Nazi Germany? Cuba?

The only semi-sane person I met at the whole summit was American rancher Hunter Lovins, who, despite embracing the man-made warming hypothesis, rejected the socialism and UN posturing. From blasting Bill Gates and ridiculing the idea that the UN would save the world to embracing agriculture and capitalism, Lovins seemed out of place and was clearly not drinking her full dose of deadly Kool-Aid.

Brainwashed Children: Future Puppet Leaders

Perhaps the single most frightening thing about the summit was talking to the scores of brainwashed zombies in children’s bodies, trained by brainwashed government teachers and media to regurgitate UN talking points and demand restrictions on their freedom. When asked about the science, every single one was completely clueless. But they were all trained well by their handlers. “I’m not a scientist, but I trust the science,” they all repeated on cue. Cue the crazy circus music again, only faster.

Early on, we went over to the “Children and Youth Pavilion” to see what was going on. “Take me to your leader,” I asked some of the children, letting them know I was with American media. Because I was American, they brought me an American girl from Texas who was so appallingly ignorant I could barely contain myself, even as she demanded all sorts of madness, including UN “education” for children in American schools to teach them about “climate change.” She did not even know who had paid for her ticket to Egypt!

Hours later, one of the European men organizing the “children and youth” festivities tracked us down with a Sudanese girl in tow. The UN “youth” movement wanted to highlight their “diversity,” and so this German asked if we would be willing to interview the bewildered and confused student they had flown in from Sudan. “Sure,” I said. As we talked to the poor girl, it became obvious that she had been trained to repeat a few talking points but knew very little beyond them. Clearly, she was being used and exploited by the climate cult.

3901 Climatecircus1

Greta 2.0: After Greta was thrown off the crazy train for calling out the lies and corruption of the UN climate show, a new poster child for the movement, Sophia Kianni, was selected to play the part. (AP Images)

Interestingly, climate superstar Greta Thunberg, the autistic Swedish girl long exploited by the UN and climate movement, was thrown off the crazy train for dismissing the COP27 as a farce for “people in power” to continue “greenwashing, lying, and cheating.” And so the UN found a new Greta, an Iranian egomaniac named Sophia Kianni notorious mostly for posing in skimpy clothing for endless social-media selfies. She even got appointed to socialist UN boss Guterres’ “Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change.”

The absurdity of the demands made by mostly tax-funded “youth activists” for “climate justice” were almost too much to bear. One self-proclaimed “youth activist” I interviewed demanded that the UN International Court of Justice issue a ruling on “climate justice” to direct national governments to do his bidding because — human rights! And poor people! Another weirdo holding a clock counting down was wearing sunglasses and standing perfectly still. He refused to give his name, but claimed there would be no beer or chocolate if governments did not immediately do what he said.

Debbie Bacigalupi, a member of our team and a cattle rancher, got into a heated discussion with one of these morally superior beings, a bratty kid demanding that the world go vegan immediately. As Debbie explained to him, critical goods he uses all the time are made from animal byproducts — including the wall he was leaning against and the clothes he was wearing. The kid stormed off, almost ready to cry.

Governments Destroying Everything to Save “Climate” 

It wasn’t just vegans, indoctrinated children, or anti-oil fanatics. There were also plenty of welfare queens with their hands out demanding big bucks. Writing for the far-left Washington Post, Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos’ personal propaganda megaphone, the president of Nigeria insisted that the Western world hand over endless amounts of cash and apologize for the supposed fact that “Western development has unleashed climate catastrophe on my continent.” Ironically, just three in 10 Nigerians have even heard of “climate change,” according to Afrobarometer, which tracks views and attitudes of Africans. More UN “education” should do the trick!

Like professional wrestling, the half-baked drama at these events was carefully orchestrated and stage-managed, with “climate dignitaries” spending endless hours haggling over whether the temperature will be allowed to increase by 1.5 degrees, or more, or perhaps less. If only there were more Ambition™. With egos the size of the Great Pyramids, no doubt some of them even believed they could decree what shall happen to global temperatures. Talk about a god complex! The silly cheerleaders pretending to be journalists breathlessly report on all this, relying on “confidential sources” to build up more hype.

Every year since 2015, the legions of dignitaries have re-debated this silly 1.5-degree thing that they keep re-debating and then re-enshrining in agreements. Thousands of activists run around frantically with their hair on fire wondering whether their 1.5-degree language will be preserved, believing the pseudo-scientific “climate models” pretending to tell them what will happen to global temperatures based on adjustments to human CO2 emissions (which make up a fraction of one percent of all “greenhouse gases” in the atmosphere). The drama increases when they trot out islanders and people wearing feathered headdresses pleading with the world not to let them drown.

3901 Climatecircus2

Brainwashed: The “Children and Youth” pavilion at COP27 was probably the scariest part of the whole UN summit, as it showed how indoctrinated young people are becoming. (The New American)

The political clowns provide plenty of fodder. “We had to fight relentlessly to hold the line of Glasgow,” huffed Alok Sharma, chief of the COP26 Glasgow climate summit in 2021, amid the COP27 theater. “Emissions peaking before 2025 as the science tells us is necessary? Not in this text. Clear follow-through on the phase down of coal? Not in this text. A clear commitment to phase out all fossil fuels? Not in this text.” Well, there’s always next year! Fire up the jets and get the caviar and champagne ready — the world needs saving, again!

Joe Biden started off his time at COP27 with an apology for President Donald Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Agreement, which mandates economic suicide by America for the benefit of Communist China. But Biden got plenty of brownie points. “We immediately rejoined the Paris agreement,” the White House resident told the fawning attendees in remarks that received very little press coverage in America.

Nobody in government at the summit was willing to discuss Trump’s views or his recent announcement of his run for president — at least not on record. The GOP took control of the House during the summit, but again, nobody wanted to talk about it. It’s like a bubble, and nobody wants to even remember that reality still exists outside.

Suffice it to say, Trump and Republicans are Climate Enemy #1 to the Kool-Aid-drinking climate saviors, with Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro — another roadblock to global “climate” tyranny — in second place. When convicted communist criminal Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva arrived shortly after having stolen the Brazilian presidential election in a brazen 2020-style fraud that sent millions into the streets in protest, the cheerleaders at COP27 went absolutely wild.

Walking over to the U.S. booth to ask for an interview, every member I saw of the U.S. delegation, which was enormous, was wearing a face diaper, some with a fancy little State Department logo. I kind of felt bad for them, even though I knew they were all dutifully following orders that were aimed at destroying my freedom and my country. But I comforted myself with the thought that most of them were probably so brainwashed they still believed breathing in their own CO2 “pollution” was not just safe, but super healthy and morally superior.

At least until he tested positive for Covid, White House “climate czar” John Kerry was running around the conference like a Santa Claus on crystal meth throwing around pledges of endless American taxpayer money for everyone and everything. I actually ran into Kerry and his entourage in the main square of the UN climate village late at night, long after almost everybody had gone home, and tried to ask him a few questions.

“Mr. Kerry, as you know, Donald Trump just announced he was running for president. He has called climate change a hoax. Does his announcement change the negotiations at all?” “Brubrubrubrubu,” Kerry mumbled from under his mask. “Excuse me?” I responded. “I’m just focused on what’s going on here,” it sounded like Kerry said, a bit more loudly and clearly this time, as he hustled away surrounded by his big circle of security goons.

3901 Climatecircus3

Big shot: Biden “climate czar” John Kerry was running around the summit with his underlings pledging endless American money, but he didn’t have much time to talk to us.  (The New American)

I wanted to ask him whether taxpayers paid for him to fly to Egypt on a private jet, and how much of our money he spent on his outrageously luxurious hotel (over $5,000 per night per room, according to the concierge at another uber-elite resort where climate dignitaries were feasting). But before I could ask, he was off, and his goons looked like they might start getting rough if I kept pursuing them.

In any case, Kerry has attended past climate conferences on a private jet. He even went to pick up the Arctic Circle Prize 2019 in Iceland on a private jet, defending the move by saying it was “the only choice for somebody like me.”

Banks and Local Governments, Too

As our team walked through the endless rows of booths and pavilions paid for by taxpayers that probably consumed several forests worth of trees, we stumbled upon a panel discussion hosted by the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ). This dubious network of banks and institutional investors, organized by the UN to impose its will on the global economy, is committed to forcing companies worldwide to submit to the UN anti-CO2 agenda. U.S. members of the alliance are now being investigated for colluding with the UN and violating their fiduciary duties to clients, among other issues.

Not long after the panel started taking questions from the audience, I raised my hand and received the microphone. I had spoken to several state attorneys general about their ongoing investigations into this megabank collusion with the UN and wanted to ask about it. But the host of the event, somebody from a consulting giant, looked at me and panicked, frantically summoning the girl who was walking the microphone around. The girl came over to me and said “sorry, no journalists allowed.”

Undeterred, when one of the prominent panelists sat down, I leaned over and whispered in his ear that I had written some articles about the state investigations into this climate scheming and wanted his thoughts on it. He said he had read my articles but did not believe the banks were doing anything wrong by working together to starve energy and agriculture in the West of desperately needed investment and credit. Easy to say when you’re not the one being squashed!

At another pavilion, the U.S. Conference of Mayors and ICLEI, the NGO working to ensnare local governments in the UN’s scheming, was having a big event led by ICLEI President and Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie. His message was that this is “science,” not “politics,” and therefore everyone must comply. “It’s sort of like the pandemic,” he said. “The science was very clear, because we knew so little about it.” Maestro, music please!

The panel was crazy 2.0 and the crazy melody was reaching deafening levels.

Oakland, California, Mayor Libby Schaaf offered a perfect illustration of the absurdity of it all. “We need to switch out our gas stoves with induction ovens … or is it conduction? Did I get it right?” she wondered, looking around for somebody to save her. These tax-funded maniacs are talking about destroying the systems that make life possible, and they have no idea what to replace it with, if anything.

Mayor Elizabeth Kautz of Burnsville, Minnesota, said that all businesses must start tracking their emissions. It sounded like a fantastic way to bankrupt every mom-and-pop shop still standing so Walmart could come in and crush the remaining independent folks.

Austin, Texas, Mayor Steve Adler, a flaming “progressive,” claimed “equity” and “climate” were “so intertwined that they can’t be separated.” “There’s nothing you do on climate that doesn’t impact on justice and the orderly movement to save the world,” he said, sounding like a communist central planner while touting his “climate and equity plan” for this and that by 2040 and 2050.

The Locals: Good, Bad & Ugly  

Having grown up in the Third World and lived in Africa, I’m used to chaos and disorder. But nothing prepared me for Egypt, where nothing works and scam artistry is off the charts. It made the most downtrodden parts of Latin America seem orderly. Worse was trying to deal with “security” — a sector it seems like every other Egyptian man works in, constantly demanding to see your papers, touch your legs, and more.

The idea of an endless loop of circus music crystalized while at the airport to fly from Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh as I tried to get my suitcase back. Entering the terminal was like a ridiculous comedy movie. “Go to door number 1,” the officer would say. I’d go to 1, and the guy there would say, “No, door 2.” “I just came from there!” I complained. “Then go to door 3.” I’d go to door 3, and he would send me back to door 1. This went on and on until I finally gave up, exasperated.

Despite the absurdity, though, we also met wonderful Egyptians. With my bag lost, we visited a store in a ramshackle area of town where locals live, to get some computer gear. The man inside had a portrait that looked like how Jesus is frequently represented, so I asked if he was Christian. “Yes,” he said, beaming. He saw me smile, too.

I grabbed what I needed — a mouse and two cables — and started calculating how much I owed. “It is free,” he said. “Absolutely not,” I responded, still trying to add up the price tags.

Finally, he typed on his computer and an electronic voice said, in robotic English, “I want to give you this gift; please accept it free.” I continued to insist, but finally, Debbie said, “Alex, he really wants to. Let him do it.” So I did, but asked if we could please pray for him. We prayed together. As the TNA team and I walked outside, we couldn’t believe it. I almost cried. How generous! He knew we were Americans. We were well-dressed. He must have known we had plenty of money. And yet, this man with so little chose to give us a gift. God bless him.

Final Thoughts

Virtually all of the people inside COP27 make their living based on the existence of a climate crisis, so talking to them is less interesting than talking to normal people. At every event I attend, I always make it a point to talk to waiters, taxi drivers, hotel keepers, and so on. One of our Uber drivers in Cairo as we prepared to leave Egypt was fascinating. “What do you think about the UN climate summit?” I asked him. He responded, “Egyptians don’t care about climate. This was just an opportunity to get money.” The normal people get it. Those whose salaries depend on the fraud don’t.

As usual, the hypocrisy was as ubiquitous as it was nauseating. Hundreds of private jets carrying self-important celebrities with monster egos surpassed only by their gargantuan carbon footprints landed throughout the two-week event to lecture us lesser climate sinners. Attendees, including the useful idiots, were feasting on all the foods that the climate cult is demanding people stop consuming — meat, fish, chicken. Meanwhile, countless industrial-sized AC units slurped down electricity produced by hydrocarbon energy faster than Third World kleptocrats consume the wealth being funneled their way by increasingly autocratic Western governments.

Maybe a circus is not the right analogy. Come to think of it, it felt a bit like being the only sane person in an insane asylum filled with lunatics being driven into a frenzy by their evil, more-insane overseers. God help us all!

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