The January 10th Tea Party Meeting is being changed due to a more pressing issue. The Tea Party meeting is being moved to the Middlefield Library on January 10th at 5:30 PM. There is an explanation below.

To prepare for January 10th meeting we will be holding a special planning meeting on Wednesday January 4th at the West G library in Chesterland Ohio at 6:30 to 8:30 pm. A zoom link will be
provided to those who register their attendance by emailing The Geauga County Tea Party reserves the right to allow admittance and/or deny admittance.

Skip Claypool will lead a discussion on:

  1. NOACA’s upcoming Climate Action Plan Meeting Agenda
  2. Why this planning effort is so bad
  3. TiPS for participating in the forum.
  4. What the Objective is for the plan
  5. Answer questions regarding NOACA and their history.

The focus of the special meeting is focused on discussing the upcoming NOACA Climate Action Plan, which is ill conceived and a huge overreach of authority. All participants will be invited to ask questions and be a part of this special planning meeting.

The objective is to better understand what NOACA is up to and create and a plan for attending the NOACA library meetings. More
If you want to attend the planning meeting by zoom it will by invitation only. Please let us know if you are interested by emailing Participation by zoom is
primarily for those not living in Geauga County.

The Geauga County Tea Party is working with a collation of patriots across the region to say NO! to a Marxist movement being pursued by NOACA. If you are in one of the counties outside of Geauga
County, we welcome you.

Consider these facts as you think about a Climate Action Plan.  The Earth is still warming from the last ice age as witnessed by parts of the Earth Gaining altitude because of the enormous weight of the ice age glaciers.  Are the glaciers melting?  NO!  Prove it to yourself.  Put a fresh ice cube in a saucer uncovered in your freezer.  30 days later notice that the cube will be 40% smaller.  Why?  Because of sublimation.  The temperature of the freezer didn’t change.

Manmade fossil fuels producing a temperature rise?  NO! Co2 has an ability to dissolve in water that most of Earths co2 is sequestered in our water.  How much it can hold depends on the temperature.  Cold water holds more than warm water.  What!?  The narrative of anthropogenic or manmade global warming via co2 is utterly the reverse of what we are being told.

The size of the atmosphere is so large that to think we in Geauga County or NE Ohio or even the U.S. can impact it is silly.  Beyond that China, India, and much of the developing world is producing orders of magnitude more CO2 than we could ever deal with.  And they don’t care.  What is the impact to us?  We will pay others to do what they won’t.

We were told there would be an ICE age.  never happened.  We were told the world would end if the global population passed 3 billion.  we are at 7 billion.  When will we realize there is another game being played.

The science falls apart when you question it and yet we allow them to force us to accept policies and plans that make no sense. It is time to stop the nonsense.  With each piece of nonsense more wrongheaded policy gets created.  All to spread the wealth and push toward a Marxism and Communist utopia.

Now look at what NOACA will be doing without authority and based on equity (their words) and bad science.   

ATTENTION – What you need to know and why we need to pushback.

On Wednesday January 10th NOACA is planning a public forum to gather input and push propaganda. If you are opposed to unelected bureaucrats pushing unlawful plans based on bad science on our region you will want to attend this important meeting. If a plan is needed it should be done by our elected officials and be in accordance with Ohio and U.S. Constitutions and the law. It is critical that citizens stand up to this tyranny.

NOACA is at it again and your participation is needed to help fight their outlandish overreach. Bear in mind that NOACA is a Federally mandated MPO (Metropolitain Planning Organization). Setting aside
that this federal mandate violates the 10th Amendment, they exist, and NOACA regularly pushes the boundaries on their authority. They have one statutory authority — to do “roads and bridge” planning.
Along with the EPA they have pushed beyond their charter, and they are doing air and water quality planning. We should end this practice. in 2015 they worked with HUD to push past their authorities
once again. They created a regional plan NEO2050 without the authority or charter to do so. It was NEVER voted on by the board of directors and never formally approved by the board. I know because I
was on the board and was challenging the plan. Now NOACA is thinking it has the authority to do a regional Climate Action Plan. They do NOT! They are unelected and not accountable to anyone. Unless we “the people” stand up and say “NO!” then they will succeed in changing our region, our counties, and our future. This is to important and must be challenged. What gives them the right/authority!? What makes them the experts? How can they do this? What can we do to stop them?

What is very scary is that NOACA has teamed with ICLEI a United Nations connected Marxist organization located in Bonn Germany. Ask yourself this question. Why would an unelected group in the U.S. take direction from an organization based in another country. Particularly a group like ICLEI, which has socialist/Marxist roots? Wouldn’t we
want American Policy guiding and American Plan? Wouldn’t we want a regional plan (if one is needed) created by our elected officials in each county. A plan that has accountability in its core. This is very scary. When did ICLEI start. Who is ICLEI? The following is from their website. Look them up and look at their history. Every American
should stand up and say no. Every elected official sitting on the NOACA board should
say “hell” no.



The following is information for the upcoming NOACA public session. Join us in sending a message and come to the informational session next Wed at 6:30 to hear more about why and how to push back

Community Listening Sessions will be held at various locations on January 10, 2023, from 5:30 p.m. –
7:00 p.m. and through a live YouTube feed.

  • Please join us at the following locations:
    Cuyahoga County Community College
    Jerry Sue Thornton Center
    2500 East 22nd Street
    Cleveland, Ohio 44115
  • Geauga County Middlefield Library
    16167 East High Street
    Middlefield, Ohio 44062
  • Lakeland Community College
    7700 Clocktower Drive
    Kirtland, Ohio 44094
  • Lorain County Community College
    Spitzer Conference Center
    1005 N. Abbe Road
  • Elyria, Ohio 44035
    Medina County District Library, Highland Branch
    4160 Ridge Road
    Medina, Ohio 44256


The following links are to NOACA past forum so you can see how they operate. And a propaganda piece.

NOACA Climate Action Summit on Vimeo
To hear more NOACA nonsense from their own mouths. here.