April Meeting Update

Meeting Update

It was a great week with a lot happening.   We had an election and choose new leadership.   Congratulations to Carey Brockman President, Jim McNeal Vice President, and Jody Swartout Treasurer.   Let’s all stand with them and support them.  In our meeting we heard from Skip Claypool and Matt Lynch about socialism and its impacts.  Two College students Carla and Matt spoke about what is being taught on college campuses.  What a wake up call. 

Yes Carla and Matt confirmed our fears. Here in Ohio in John Carroll and Lakeland Community college we see liberal professors and liberal nonsense being taught. Would you ever think that in American we would see our colleges indoctrinate our kids to hate American and promote socialism and worse.

Socialism – Government Control
Communism – Spread the wealth

What is wrong with both? Stay tuned for a special post covering that topic.

We heard from a Ukrainian who moved to American 40 years ago. He cannot believe what is happening in America. He thought he left the USSR to escape Communism. To see it here in American is stunning to him. He was hard to understand, but with Jim McNeals ability to translate we got the message.