The Crazies are Exposing Themselves

Far Far left wing democrats, or as some of us call them, communist/socialists, are exposing themselves and their beliefs.     

From crazy Cortez and her way out there “green” plan to Nancy’s clap to Brown’s comments about our president. It has never been more important for the Tea Party to be informing the public about the constitution, liberty, and free enterprise.

Can you believe the nonsense and the FakeNews media is all on board.   Keep in mind that every program that these crazies are pushing destroy liberty and is counter to the very constitution that they took an oath to defend.  The sad thing is that most Congress and Senate members are quiet and do not speak up even the Republican members.

What can be done?  Well…. the light of day is the best disinfectant.   An informed public and will help to get things back under control.  That is where the Tea Party excels.

Join the Tea Party and help uphold American values.

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