The Radical Racial Content Available to Ohio Libraries

Ohio libraries are using YOUR tax dollars to advance the message that “racism is everywhere and must be overcome”. Even at story time!

Look at the resources they are being given by the Ohio Library Council to shape their education programs and book collections.

Diversify Your Picture Book Collection – Topics include books on activism, mindfulness, & slavery

Article Bank – Search by author topics such as: “Watching my 5 year old Wrestle with His Whiteness” by Shannon Cofrin Gaggero. “White Lips to White Ears” by Matt Gonzales”. A Bedtime Routine for Black Lives Matter” by Chris Crass.

Podcasts – Topics include 1619 – How Slavery transformed America

Webinars – Topics include racial equity and inclusion in the workplace

Community Organizing Help

“Book Talk” toolkit to help librarians to find an audience for books on diversity

Research from the Kirwan Institute at The Ohio State University – Topics include inequality, implicit bias, and civil engagement

American Library Association Newsletters – Examples include “How Libraries Should Respond to BLM”…/librariesrespond/black-lives-matter

Call Senator Rob Portman and demand that Ohio libraries stop being used to push radical propaganda. DC Office: 202-224-3353 CLE Office: 216-522-7095

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