The Epoch Times: A Source of “Truthful” News

Old-fashioned journalism and unbiased news reporting?  It still exists at The Epoch Times!

Truth is the core value of this news outlet because their founders are Chinese Americans who fled communism. Their personal experience with government propaganda showed them the importance of a “free press” which is not beholden to government, corporations, or any political party. 

The Epoch Times covers a variety of topics, not just politics. They sell print newspapers in several major U.S. markets, provide online subscriptions, and have a library of videos on YouTube.  However, their YouTube channel was recently demonetized. That means that they can no longer earn advertising revenue from the videos that they post.

Why did Google, the owner of  YouTube, demonetize The Epoch Times?  Could it be the news outlet’s mostly favorable coverage of President Trump or their frequent criticism of Communist China? 

Check out The Epoch Times for yourself.