Teen Sex Ed Website from Portage County Health Dept.

Here is a sample of the Sex Ed content that Ohio is serving up in a “teen-friendly” and “engaging” way to children 12+ on a website called 216TEENS:

* Video: An entertaining and informative look at Plan B

* Judicial bypass for abortion

* Finder for low to no cost reproductive health clinics

* How to put on a condom

* Definition of necrophilia* Things to consider in the process of “coming out”

* Map your gender and sexuality

* Video: When will I be ready for sex?

According to their terms of service, third parties cannot share 216TEENS content without express written consent. This policy is quite troubling for a website whose start-up funds were paid for by federal tax dollars and that has a stated goal of improving teen health.

We urge you to go to their website and poke around. It’s easy to navigate and to find the topics we list above, plus so much more.

216Teens states that they want to educate teens on safer sexual behavior and motivate them to delay sexual initiation. However, our opinion is that this website will sexualize our teens and undermine parental authority.