Scheme to choose president based on popular Vote

Democratic run states have hatched a scheme involving a state “compact” in attempt to effectively negate the electoral college and choose the U.S. President, in the future, by popular vote. 

This compact has not taken effect yet. But it is gaining momentum, as evidenced by Colorado voters approving a referendum in this last election to stay in the compact which their legislators had joined.

This scheme is called the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact”. The agreement behind the compact is that states who join agree to cast ALL of their electoral votes for whichever presidential candidate wins the popular vote after all national votes have been counted. The compact will not go into effect until states representing 270 electoral votes have joined.

Ohio has not joined the “compact”, but 15 states plus the District of Columbia have joined. These states represent 196 of the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency. Conservatives must become educated on this issues and fight to keep the requisite number of states from joining, which would allow the compact to take effect. If it does, all future presidents would be chosen by voters in living in a few populous states.

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