Join the Fight Against “Stack and Pack” Housing!

What is “Stack and Pack” Housing?

It is the government mandating that ALL communities build high-density housing to achieve racial diversity and to drive climate change. Multi-family, mixed use housing is a key component of “Smart Cities” or “Walkable Communities”, some terms that they use to make this concept sound desirable.

This is a bold attempt to re-engineer suburbs and farmlands into urban areas. Communities that do not adhere lose access to HUD grants. This plan was developed by the Obama Administration and a Biden Administration would finish the job.

The following link is to an article from 2015, but it does an excellent job of explaining how the government is attempting to steamroll communities into high-density housing by usurping local zoning authority and ignoring public opinion.

It is happening in Geauga County, Ohio now! Urban planners are recommending high density housing which would destroy the rural nature of our community. We need your help to stop it! Geauga County Planning Commission Board Meetings are usually held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30am at 470 Center Street, Chardon, Building 8. We hope to see a big crowd of concerned citizens on Jan. 12th.

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